[DIY] Cloud Music

Things you will need:

  • Your Music
  • A Dropbox Account (or a few)( 2GB per dropbox) create a new account and give us both 250MB extra Here
  • A Gmail account
  • A Non-native android web browser, ie Opera, Xscope, Dolphin HD
  • Desktop Visualizer if you want a custom icon like the album cover etc.
  • Time & Patience (trying to work on app atm for this without all the hassle)

Setting up Dropbox

  • Download and Install Dropbox (Linux/ubuntu, Mac, or Windows)
  • Open up the Dropbox folder on your desktop and chose the Public folder.
  • Place your music how you like remember it will be about 2GB worth of space per account. It’s good to put the music in folders that either correspond to artists or albums to keep it organized.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed dropbox and placed your music into the appropriate files Under the public folder on dropbox, you will have to navigate to the dropbox website here. (I prefer doing all the folder creating and syncing on the computer end but you can do it all on the dropbox website). After opening the dropbox website navigate to your Public folder where you placed all those folders with music in each one.
  • To get the links you will be using, open up the folders to show your individual music files (I’m using .mp3 files not sure if this works with other types yet)
  • Move your mouse all the way to the right where the arrow is, click on the arrow, click copy public link. When it opens up click shorten url (this’ll be helpful later). This will be the link you will be using later. (yes you will have to copy each one later, one at a time(this is where patience IS a virtue lol)

Setting up Gmail

  • Open up Gmail on your computer
  • On the left where your folders are listed click on “Create New Label” (if you don’t see that choice you should if you click more)
  • You can create separate labels for each album so label the folders appropriately.
  • Next comes the very tedious part.
  • Click compose Mail and make it out to yourself.
  • Make the subject the name of the album
  • In the body type the name of the songs in order, one on each line.
  • Now open up the dropbox website in a separate window and start copying and pasting the appropriate public links next to the song title in your email until you’ve done all the ones in that email. Send.
  • When it arrives place it in the Label/folder you created. (that’s it for gmail)

Set it up on your phone via Desktop Visualizer

  • Long-press and choose Shortcuts
  • Chose Desktop Visualizer
  • Chose your preferred icon be it album cover or whatever you prefer
  • chose “Select Action” and choose “Other”. Scroll to Gmail label and choose it. Your Gmail account should be there and choose it. Scroll to the Label/folder you created and now has the dropbox links. For Label put whatever you want and click ok.
  • After the shortcut is created click it to open it.
  • When it loads the folder open your email and you will have your album with track names and corresponding dropbox links. Click on whichever song you would like to hear and make sure you choose a non-native browser as the default and it will load and play the song. No extra space needed to storing music on your sd card. (no desktop visualizer? When clicking add application choose Gmail label and then your email and then your label. You just won’t get to choose a custom icon)

At this point you will have to keep your phone screen on at least with Opera it pauses the song when the screen goes off. Hopefully I’ll be able to

have help to build an app to automate all of this process. Enjoy Cloud Music.

going to write a new guide which will be a lot easier than this process however im still looking for a developer who can help build an app. however, neither one is perfect


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