Burnt Leather ADW theme by Jesse Perkins

[Must have ADW home launcher or ADW EX Launcher installed before installing and using this theme!!!]



106 Icons Themed (as of now)

AdFree, Amazon Kindle, AndroZip, Amazon Appstore, Arcade by Kongregate, Astro, Google Books, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Camcorder, Camera, Car Home, Clock, Contacts, Custom Launcher Icons (used to be Launcher Pro Icons), Desktop VisualizeR, Dialer, DLNA, Google Docs, Dolphin Browser (reg. & HD), DroidX & 2 recovery, Jrummy’s Droid Overclock, Dropbox, Google Earth, Email, Engadget, Epic Fail, Facebook, Fancy Widget Pro, Fandango, File Manager, Firefox, Foursquare, Gallery, Gmail, Google Goggles, Google Search, Handcent SMS, Home Switcher for Froyo (also legacy homeswitcher), Iheartradio,Last.FM, Latitude, Liberty Toolbox Pro, LinkedIn, Linpack, Lookout Security, Yahoo Mail, Google Maps, Android Market, Messaging, Android Music, New Google Music, MLB At Bat, My Verizon, MySpace, Google Navigation, NFS Shift, Norton Security, Opera Mobile, Google Orkut, Photobucket, Plume, Pulse, Quadrant Advanced & Standard, Reverse Lookup, ROM Manager, Root Explorer, ESPN ScoreCenter, SD Tools, Settings, Shazam, ShootMe, ShopSavvy,Skype, SkyRock, SuperUser, Google Talk, Team Black Hat, Terminal Emulator, TeslaLED, TFLN, Titanium Backup, Google Translate, Trillian, Twicca Beta, Twitter, TwitVid, Ustream, Google Voice, Voice Search, Wireless Tether, WordPress, Xda (reg. & premium), YouTube, Zedge

Email me with suggestions I will be updating as needed and at the minimum of once per week depending on time and number of requests.

3 designs for a 5 icons dock  (for ADW EX Launcher only)

7 Themed backgrounds.

To purchase this I’m offering it to the first 30 people for $0.99 thru paypal. Android Market charges $20-25 to publish applications. As I’ve been unemployed for over 2 years while going to school I have no extra money. If you purchase this now you’ll be supporting me to publish it in the Android Market and will get every update the Market does if not sooner than those purchasing it in the Market. You will also be getting a discounted price as I will most likely put it up for $1.25 when I publish it. Please include your email address that I will email you this theme to as soon as I see your purchase. Make sure to include smartone514@gmail.com included to you accepted emails list or it may end up in spam/trash


Buy it HERE. it is paypal and your payment is secure



Instructions on Installing

  1. Download the BurntLeather.apk from my email to you to your computer.

  2. Place the BurntLeather.apk onto your phone’s sdcard.

  3. Navigate to that file on your sdcard on your phone using any file explorer app. Such as Astro File Manager

  4. Click on that File (making sure you have Non-Market apps enabled in settings) and click install. Let it install and move on to applying the theme.

Make sure when you apply the theme to change your apps drawer icon.

Navigate to your homescreen.

> Press and hold the App Drawer Icon

> Click Edit.

> Touch the picture of the App drawer on the popup dialog.

> Choose ADWTheme IconPacks

> Choose Burnt Leather

> Chose the App Drawer icon which takes you back to the popup dialog

> Select OK and there is your Burnt Leather App Drawer Icon

How To Choose Themed Wallpapers


> Menu

> Wallpaper

> Leather Wallpapers

> set wallpaper (your choice of 7)

How to change Dock Icon (ADW EX only!)


> Menu

> ADW settings

> Themes Preferences

> tap on Main dock dialog box

> select custom

> Burnt Leather

>Touch the one you want (it applies it automatically) 



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