How to forward Yahoo! Mail to GMail for FREE!


How to set up forward Yahoo!® Email to Gmail® or other email address.


Things needed:

  • Yahoo! Email and account

  • Gmail account or any other email account you will be forwarding emails to

  • a computer


Est. Time: 10 min.


Setting Up the Forwarding:


  1. Navigate to yahoo and sign in. (stay on the main yahoo page after signing in)

  2. Right under the yahoo search it say “Hi (insert your screen name here). Click on your name and choose the “Account Info” activity. On the next page it will make you re-enter your password. Then hit sign in.

  3. Scroll til you see “Set Language, Site, Time-Zone” and choose it. (Located in the Account Settings section)

  4. Click on the drop down menu for Regional Site and Language and choose Yahoo Singapore. (not sure about any of the other international choices but I do know singapore works) then click I Accept button.


    **The Language will still stay in English!!**


  5. It will take you back to re-enter your password again. Enter, then sign in and you will see that you settings have been changed under the account settings section. Click the top where it now says Yahoo! Singapore which will take you to the Yahoo homepage. Choose the mail option to take you to Yahoo! Mail.

  6. When you get to your mailbox look to the right side of the page and click on “Options” dropdown and choose Mail Options.

  7. Choose POP & Forwarding. Choose Forward Your Yahoo Mail and enter the email address you want to forward them to in the space provided and just up above it choose save.


    **It will pop up and say a confirmation email has been sent to your other email. Go check your email inbox and click on the link provided to confirm that that is the correct address.***


  8. It will take you to Yahoo mail and will confirm. Just click continue and will take you to your email account settings and you will see that it has been confirmed to forward the email to your new one. If you want to check send yourself an email and see if it shows up in the New email address inbox.

  9. Enjoy free yahoo email forwarding without having to have a Yahoo Plus subscription!



Jesse Perkins


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