Handling multiple data profiles – Titanium Backup pro style

Handling multiple data profiles – Titanium Backup pro style

You need

1. Titanium Back up PRO referred to Tibu from here on out

2. root of course


Okay so you have more than one dropbox or box.com account and its a PITA to click log out, click log in change email addresses type password constantly?

Open Up tibu, making sure you’re on the tab labeled “overview”, on the right side of the screen 3/4 of the way down touch the “switch profile” button and then click “create a new data profile”

you must create at least 2 to enable multiple data accounts later on. ive named mine pertinent to my log ins when you create both (or more) click the switch profile button and click on one of them to make it the active data profile while signed into the related dropbox/box.com account

Next tap the backup/restore tab and locate the dropbox/box.com app and long press to get the pop up labeled “special features” scroll to the very bottom and tap enable multiple profiles for this app and click yes to associate the current app data to the current data profile.

then you can go back to overview tab and click switch profiles, change to another data profile.

open up the dropbox/box.com app and you will be prompted to sign in, sign in with other account.

now, go to your homescreen, long hold if using any launcher that isn’t stock ICS, if u use stock ICS launcher you know where to find widgets,

tap widgets and scroll to tibu (data profiles) click create widgets

now tap on widget and switch data profiles like a pro


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