1TB of cloud storage for free

A russian email/cloud storage company has a special right now if you sign up and download either their mobile app (android or iOS) or their Computer application (windows, mac, linux) they will give you 1TB (1024GB) of cloud storage for free only if you sign up before January 20th, 2014.

Some pages are in Russian so unless you read Russian, i suggest using Google Chrome to let it translate to English automatically.

First go to Here (already in English) and sign up. You can choose a username plus an extension such as @mail.ru or @inbox.ru .

Once you have signed up, download their cloud app Here or their email app Here and sign in with the account you just created make sure for the user name you also include the @inbox.ru or @mail.ru

After you have done that go back into your browser and go to their cloud url here and click on GET and again sign in.

You should then see on the left side of the browser xxMB out of 1024GB (after google translate translates the page) and you can also see it in the settings within the cloud application

Remember! This offer expires January 20th, 2014

If you have problems before January 21st, tweet me @dewguzzler on twitter


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